Friday, July 30, 2010

This One Time, at Pole Dancing Class...

Shortly after starting The Decade of She, I blogged about being a "Yes, Ma'am"....saying yes to new and different opportunities for the experience, entertainment, and heck of it.  It was under this pretense that I said yes to something completely out of my comfort zone: pole dancing.  

It all started with Groupon.  [If you're not familiar with it, check it out because it's a great way to get discounted dining and entertainment.]  Groupon offered a 50% discount on an introductory pole dancing fitness class at Shelia Kelley S Factor.  After a small nudge from a SHE friend, I bought in (cringing).  

There were 12 of us last night in a dimly fitness studio with 5 poles.  My SHE friend and I were the oldest in the A LOT.  After several minutes of ground rules, which included things like "no judging" and "have fun", we started the warm up.  It was a yoga-pilates combo that involved about a thousand sit ups and back bends...because apparently, pole dancing is all about "the core".  I am quite familiar with "the core" because I lost mine in the delivery room when I had my twins and haven't seen it since.  

After what seemed like an abdominal wall eternity, we were finally introduced to "the pole" and the magical fitness powers that it possesses.  Apparently half the women who live in LA have one in their home and women in NYC are demanding more pole dancing classes because of the awesomeness of the work out.  Who knew?

We were taught "The Firefly", which if I were naming it would be called, "Stilleto Stumble".  Imagine you're walking down the street, wearing chic high heels, advancing faster than you normally might in an effort to keep up with your HE who's wearing sensible shoes, and then you lose your balance by a streetlight, and hold on to the pole while falling around it in a circle. The Firefly is the same thing except you pick both feet up and wrap them around the pole.  It is neither sexy, nor "a workout".  But it is damn funny to do on purpose!  At least to my SHE friend and me. 

A few turns, and then it was over.  One trick, that was it.  They would be happy to teach you more tricks after you sign on for an 8-week series of classes (for $440).  That's not for me...and with three daughters, I'm certainly not installing a pole in my house (they can wait until they're 40 to take a class).  But check out these way cool boots they sell on their website! 

To celebrate our adventure with the pole and soothe our aching abdominal muscles (burning from laughter and the warm up), we did what all "Yes Ma'ams" do....go to a biker first time at such a place.  I fit right in with my temporary Chanel tattoo (not really).  

Twisted Spoke in Chicago

My SHE friend...who fits in at this place much more than me

"Sexy drinks"...seems so out of place on the menu at a biker bar

All in all, a fun and entertaining way to spend an evening with a girlfriend!  I'm ready for the next "yes ma'am" experience...any suggestions?  
BTW...I'm going to try to migrate this blog to a different platform (and drop the "blogspot" in the address). Hopefully, you'll still find me!


  1. That is sooo funny! My young friend has a pole she brings out at parties. The girls and guys do some "interesting" moves on it after they have a few drinks. I don't drink so I always get a free funny show LOL

    I'm a fitness trainer but have never trained on a pole or trained anyone on a pole. Should that go on my "bucket" list?

    Why are you leaving blogspot? You blog looks great!

  2. Your blog looks great...I hate it when I miss spell. A bit of ACD comes out in me.

  3. Nice information about pole dancing. thanks for sharing it with us. keep it up.....