Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pearlized Candies, High-Fiber Hot Dogs, and Fishy-Fortified Everything

The Institute of Food Technology annual meeting just wrapped up today in Chicago.  This is like any other big Dr. Dork conference except with food.  I ate my way through the exhibits and have the following to report about the future of our nation's food supply:

1. Every single food imaginable will be fortified with fish oil.  I tried the following foods that all had fish oil in them (and they all tasted NOT fishy): rice pilaf, tortilla chip, muffin, yummy chocolate drink, candy-like substance, and a potato chip dip.  

2. Hot dogs will be packed full of fiber...ball parks everywhere must plan ahead for the repercussions of this reformulation.  

3. All candy will be much more fancy by the use of an ingredient that gives a pearled sheen.  See below for the new Chicklet.  Tres chic!