Friday, July 23, 2010

My $75 Fake Tattoo....Wait, I Mean, Chanel Body Art

Some SHEs are obsessed with shoes.  Others with purses.  Some SHEs love jewelry.  Others fancy clothes.  I, on the other hand, am addicted to temporary tattoos.  

I have been known to wait in long lines at children's fairs and sidewalk sales to get a fake tattoo...preferably a peace sign, skull and crossbones or flower.  If they come home with one of my daughters, I take them and wear them...even if I don't really like that particular one.  If there's a booth with those spray-on tattoos, I get really excited.  Those are the pretty ones with all the nifty colors.  You can get something mythical like a unicorn or a Pegasus....these creatures are coming back in style any day now for SHEs in my decade.  Seriously, just wait.  And roach clips.  Those are coming back too. 

Anyway, it's because of this obsession that I absolutely had to have the new temporary tattoos by Chanel!  Yes, that's right, the perfume, expensive-make-up, haute couture fashion conglomerate makes fake tattoos.  But they call them "body art" (said with a pompous French accent).  I read about them on The Succulent Wife blog a few weeks ago and within minutes, I was $75 poorer....yes, they were $75.  But what tattoo-obsessed woman wouldn't pay $75 for "body art" (again, said with a really bad, pompous French accent).    

Aren't they beautiful?  They almost have a 3-dimensional quality to them. Here's a mobile phone picture of The Huntress wearing one (taken by The Huntress herself):

I wore this one to a party.

I felt so chic, so cool, so fashionably French....until several days later when a SHE friend sent me a mobile phone picture of the cover of Seventeen magazine.  Young model (probably barely 14 years old), same tattoo, same place.  

If that isn't bad enough, the headline next to it, "Get your best bikini body" continues to taunt if that's possible after 3 kids (two that came at once) and multiple decades of aging.  The only way that would be applicable to me is if it were on the cover of Tummy Tuck Digest.  Alas, I have no choice but to console myself with more "body art" and French wine...which I can do because I'm NOT seventeen. 

To order your own over-priced "body art", you can visit the Chanel website.


  1. $75 for temporary tattoos? Does your HE know about this? If I were HE I'd go buy something for myself like a fancy guitar amplifier for shows in the basement for Webkinz and American Girls dolls...

  2. how long does temporary tattoo's stays? i wonder...for $75?

  3. replica bags....based on the 3 tattoos I've used thus far, it's about a week. The exception was the one on my ankle that came off after a couple of days...most likely because of athletic socks worn for running. I'm on a quest to find equally chic and much cheaper tattoos now. :)