Monday, July 12, 2010

WebPHD on Weekend Hangovers: Symptoms and Treatment

Weekend Hangover - Overview
Weekend Hangovers affect almost 100% of SHEs at some time in their lives. 

It comes in many forms, from absolute fatigue to feelings of regret to various intensities of self-loathing on Monday morning.  

Common causes include over-scheduled weekends, Sunday night activities, and champagne over-drinking.  

Many people find relief from symptoms of weekend hangover with metered caffeine intake on Mondays, ibuprofen, and time.  Broad generalizing statements, such as, "I will never go to a 6-hour music festival on a Sunday afternoon ever again" or "I will never have a glass or two of champagne late on a Sunday night because I'm trying to help a SHE friend finish off open booze" may also alleviate feelings of guilt. 

Weekend Hangover is easily prevented by acting one's chronological age and politely declining Sunday afternoon/evening opportunities outside of the home.