Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Being a "Yes Ma'am!"

In the last 6 months, I have found myself saying yes a lot more often than saying no.  This is partly because I'm ready to take on some new experiences but mostly, it's because the experiences are falling in my lap. And it seems like they keep coming...and I keep saying yes!

Here's something I NEVER thought I would ever do in my life: SHE Soccer (aka, old-lady soccer).  I have never played soccer and truth be told, the multitasking of soccer (running while rolling that ball thingy) scares the 'cleat' right out of me.  

But I found myself saying 'yes ma'am' when asked to participate on "the team", which is a group of moms from our elementary school.  We play  moms from the other elementary schools in our little town.  We wear fancy uniforms (see photo) that were designed by a HE (with our very own, specially designed logo).  We wear shin guards borrowed from our kids.  We try not to hurt ourselves and inevitably, someone picks up the ball during the game by mistake. 

Most importantly, it's just a lot of fun.  Not only do we have our players, but we have other SHEs that handle our PR (ie, sending e-mails to get people to come to our games), refreshments (ie, beer for after the game), and cheerleaders (self explanatory).  The organizing SHE just had to make a few phone calls to pull it all together.  It's a great way to roll with the homies (or mommies) AND burn about 300-400 calories/game. 

Next up is a jazz class for me and SHE spectacular, K Tob.  I'm working on our uniform (which will definitely include leg warmers)...stay tuned.