Monday, July 19, 2010

A Little SHE Inspiration to Start the Week

Check out this book by Kobi Yamada: 

My dear friend, Deb...the inspiration for this blog...gave this to me.  I get chills every time I read it.  I'll be forcing my daughters to read it weekly and memorize every word.  Here are my favorite pages:

Wouldn't this make a great birthday gift for a SHE friend?  Or a friend that needs a little motivation to take control of her life?  Or anyone with two X chromosomes?

If you want to order a copy, here's the link to Amazon.


  1. My favorite page is the one about how behind every great SHE is a most awesome HE. A HE who says "yes, I love that new couch" even when HE didn't know THEY needed a new coach, or who says "I LOVE your hair that length" or "your ass looks AWESOME in those jeans!" even though HE is looking the other way typing emails... Well, at least that would be amongst my favorite pages...

  2. I will be buying a copy for my girls for sure. Thanks Tia. x Kell

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