Friday, July 9, 2010

Letter to 1st Dibs

Dear 1st Dibs,

I am not a designer.  I am just your average Dr. Dork desperately trying to change the decor of my house from "church rummage sale" to "The Decade of She chic".  In between my full-time job, raising my 3 daughters, a burgeoning poetry hobby, and consuming the necessary stimulants and sedatives to keep it all together (aka, coffee and cocktails), I like to buy interior decor on the internet.  As such, I was referred to your website by a SHE friend.

After visiting your website for the first time, my first thought was that my so-called "friend" was either trying to be funny or SHE thought that I have a secret trust fund.  But after spending some time on your website, I realize that my initial thinking was way off base.      

You see, I now realize that the source of my confusion is the result of a number of typos on your website.  I am writing to you as a great favor (do you realize how busy I am?) so that you can correct these as soon as possible.  For example, this hanging light:

Glass Lamp; Nickel Hanging Light
The stepped, plated ceiling fitting supporting the original twisted silver silk cord from which the frosted glass chevron moulded shade hangs. Stamped Sabino to both metalwork and glass shade

I believe in this instance, the comma in the price should actually be a period, resulting in the price of $15.80 for this old hanging light that is only in "good" condition.  You should be aware that Ikea is selling a similar hanging light, in brand new condition, that is only $5.00.

In the next case, I believe someone has made an egregious error in the price of these 2 chairs:

Pair of Lounge Chairs by Juliana Mafatti
Pair of lounge chairs in ebonized wood and light grey upholstery. Designed by Juliana Mafatti for Flama, Brazil, 1958.
Very good condition

Although these chairs are in "very good condition", I highly doubt that a chair from Brazil is worth $14,000 a piece.  I believe someone in your marketing department is trying to capitalize on the IOC decision to award Brazil the 2016 summer Olympics...fooling consumers into thinking that anything from Brazil is automatically going to be a winner.  I may be slightly bitter that Chicago didn't even make it through the first round, but come on...$28,000 for 2 flimsy chairs?  Again, here is the same chair, more or less, from Ikea for $39.99.

Finally, I think this following item was placed on your site by mistake or else your site has been hacked by a 12-year old boy.  Your website claims the following, "The most beautiful things on earth", so clearly, this does not belong.

Yours truly in all things beautiful and priced rationally,

Mrs/Dr T