Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If Your SHE Parts Feel More Like a HE

I never thought I was one to succumb to peer pressure, but here I go again!  This one goes out to a SHE I shared a glass of wine with earlier tonight.  SHE told me to put this on my blog and I said....sure! 

If you feel like you need to "enhance" what God gave you and your children take-eth away, try this

If you have to wear a fancy dress where "straps" are not fashionable and two fried eggs on your chest are not quite the look you're going for, try this.  (These are also referred to as "chicken cut-lets"...once you see/feel them, you'll know why).
If you are looking for a nice workout top that works for you and not against you (aka, non-flattening), try this.  It's Lu Lu Lemon and yes, they are expensive.  But once you bite the bullet and get a few of their items, a $50 sports bra and $120 running pants will seem like a really good deal.  They have really awesome HE clothes too...if any of you are reading this. 

If you are not happy with the semi-circles that came in your new bathing suit, try this.  They slide right in that little pocket on the bikini top.  It's the aquatic version of the chicken cut-let.