Friday, June 18, 2010

Musings on Mancations

About an hour ago, I had never heard the word, Mancation.  A SHE friend told me they are a new hot trend so like any other schmuck that works from home in front of a computer, I googled it.  If you have the time, I suggest you google it too because I saw a lot of things that made me laugh out loud.  Seems like way too many internet sites trying to convince HEs that mancations are absolutely necessary, because after all, cave men used to travel together.  And it wasn't THAT long ago that men used to live in a cave...oh wait a minute, it was!  10,000 YEARS AGO!!!!  And why do so many websites geared towards HEs reference cavemen?  SHE don't get it.     

Anyway, I do get that men might want to vacation together and I'm all for it for the following reasons: 
  1. I don't want to live in a cave (or tent), or go to NASCAR, or golf for 20 hours, or go fly fishing, or sleep in a barn and if the men go together, then I don't ever have to go.  
  2. I want to go on my own 'gal-cation' or 'SHEcation' or heck, it could actually just be called a VACATION because it actually might really be relaxing and fun!
I went on my first SHEcation this past winter to Jackson Hole with 10 other SHEs.  Believe it or not, I had not gone on a girls trip since college.  Look at what happened when I got in front of a camera:

There are about 10 pictures of me like that.  Back in 1990, that was really cool to do on a girl's trip.  I'm working on some new moves for my next girls' trip.  Anyone have any suggestions on a SHEcation location?  Preferably, not near any mancation destinations.  

Side note:  Did you know that "manca" is the juvenile larva of a little crustacean?  Interesting, isn't it!  I bet you they live in tiny little caves in the ocean with lots of other manca...trying to grill meat and watching NASCAR.  


  1. I go on frequent mancations. That said, I've never been to or watched a NASCAR event, or fished since I was 7. I prefer the focus to be around beer and food. Based on your pic above, yours appeared to focus on shopping. Oh - and by the way - I'm not sure where you were int he 90s, but the only place that hand signal was ever considered really cool was at a Metallica or Iron Maiden concert. That reminds me of back when I had a mullet...story for another day.

  2. I went on a SHEcation to that same place in Jackson Hole one year earlier and ended up in a movie pole dancing in my bathing suit and long socks. While that SHEcation took place in a very LUXE location, I am sure that the SHEcation is less about the LOcation and More about the SHEs you are with. With the right babes by your side, you cannot go wrong. Cannot wait to see you. I have butterflies I am so excited!!!x

  3. Re the pole dancing...I actually have a coupon to go to a fitness class that involves a pole. I'm more than a little nervous about it...what if I'm horrible at it and look like a total loser? Or even worse...what if I'm good at it?!?

    And shopping is good.....really good. I'm making that hand signal right now just thinking about shopping. Makes me want to get on Orbitz and book a shopping trip. Me likey the shopping!