Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Hail Spanx...I Mean All....SHE and HE

Spanx streamline the shape,
Without any panty lines,
A must-have for SHEs

I like Spanx so much that I just wrote a haiku about them.  It could be their next big campaign.  I think the haiku is coming back into mainstream any day now.  Seriously...any day.

Bad poetry aside, I was an early adopter to Spanx.  You see, one of the downsides of aging is loss of elasticity of the skin.  You couple that with body fat re-distribution (and a few babies) and things can get a bit lumpy.      

I received my new Spanx catalog in the mail yesterday. Their R&D team is amazing...(their advertising team, not so much).  Check out these new items:
 These are similar to the original Spanx, but now with super special technology for the front, back, and sides.  And they are only $32.00!!!  

[Side Note:  Wearing these underneath a short skirt while walking in windy at a scientific convention in less embarrassing than wearing other undergarments below the skirt...I'm just saying....] 
This is a shirt!  Okay, it's $72.00 but you could wear it under a suit or under a casual summer top.  Same fancy technology as other Spanx to reduce lumpiness and muffin-topness. Comes in different colors too.
The bathing suits range from weird to cute.  This one here is actually a one piece that is designed to look like a tankini...and I think it's comparable in cuteness to other tankinis on the market.  However, let's be real for a minute...if you have legs like this woman I highly doubt that you need a Spanx tankini.  So if anyone buys this, let the rest of us know if it's a good buy at $107.00 (on sale from $178.00).

Now here is something I never would have predicted...but makes a lot of sense.

As HEs get older, they get a little lumpy too.  Now many don't care (though when they take their shirts off, I wish they would), but I bet some do.  Especially if you have a special occasion like a wedding or formal affair.  They are about a million times more expensive than a regular cotton undershirt at $58.00, but perhaps worth it?

They make a sleeveless version too.  Although, I find it a little ironic that you can see this guy's washboard stomach through his shirt.  It's a little hard to believe that this shirt will minimize a beer gut when it cannot contain the musculature of this male model.  Maybe it's built into the shirt for that price?  
What do you think?


  1. Are you referring to man titties???!!!!


  2. Call me old fashioned, but there already is an undergarment for panty line avoidance - a THONG. I speak for HEs everywhere when I say pleases do not choose flesh colored biker shorts over a thong.

  3. Came by from Lady Bloggers. Did you know the same lady who developed spanx has a cheaper line at Target?!