Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things SHE Doesn't Need, But Really Wants

It seems as almost every day, there is a new consumer good.  Many of these items are so innovative, so practical, so reasonably priced that I buy them immediately.  For example, pedicure socks.  How smart are these?  Why didn't I think of them?

Here's a person on etsy that is crocheting them: 
You can also buy regular pairs on amazon for cheap!  (See below for a pair from amazon for $6)

And then there are those other consumer goods that are so innovative, yet so completely impractical and expensive that I want them even more than the other stuff!  For example, how awesome is this thing?
It's a sword (they call it a saber) that opens up bottles of champagne!  Seriously!  If you don't believe me, check out the website where they will gladly sell you one of these for $145.  I'm not sure if I believe this, but they claim this was a popular tool for opening up bottles of champagne following the French Revolution.  The process of opening champagne with this thing actually has a name: Sabrage.  

Imagine how cool you would look if you were having a little dinner party, your friends brought over a bottle of bubbly for the occasion, and you pop out the cork with a sword!  If this really works, I NEED one.  If a SHE (or HE) with more disposable income than me could kindly purchase one and let me know if it really works, I promise to make you a Blue Hawaiian and give you unlimited nutrition advice.  If you then buy me one as a nice hostess gift, I promise to not decorate your house.       

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  1. LOVE the Sabre!!! Actually, when done correctly it separates the neck from the bottle. Here's a short you-tube demo: