Thursday, June 3, 2010

Repossessing my House: a Table, Jack Sparrow & Edward Cullen

I have a love-hate relationship with Homegoods.  I read all these design blogs where resourceful SHEs magically find awesome pieces of furniture there for no money.  I am not so lucky, which is why I usually call that place, HomeCrap.  Childish, yes.  Makes me feel better though.  

I ran in there the other day and really thought I hit the jackpot.  I found this white table for $99.00 (I also found this totally cool tiki bar for $299 that would be a perfect addition to a SHE-friend's deck...come on M!)  Then the HE in my life came home and said it looks it was $99.00 or something.  What do you think?  I think it at least looks like it's worth $125.  

On the positive, I did find a really great solution to my "problem" that I mentioned a few blogs ago.  Remember, the "problem"?
My precious Pussy Willow Sanchez likes to use my new chairs as a scratching post.  As a reminder, here are my new chairs.  

Here is my solution, my "chair-phylactics" if you will.

Well heeelllloooo Jack and good you could come here to my humble look quite well this evening...what?  How am I doing?  Just fine, thank you (blushing).  What????  You find me attractive?  Oh geez....nah....come on, I'm married! We have a "blanket exception" though.  It's all good!  


  1. LOVE it!!!! does NOT look cheap, it's a keeper!!!! Is it wood or lacquer?

  2. Now I know what I want for my birthday.

  3. Oh my! As I've always said, nothing says white trash like (a) an above ground pool or (b) blankets with people on them. Oh wait - did I say white trash? I meant "home improvement"... Does your HE let you sleep with these as part of the blanket exception????

  4. Karen....Jack or Edward? Or did you mean the table? B Frank...if you only could see/feel the quality of these fine blankets, then you would realize that I am on the cusp of a major design trend. Everyone will have them in their homes. I am trying to find a Zac Ephron one right now to complete my collection. :)

  5. Are the faces of Jack and Edward supposed to scare just kitty away from the chairs or everyone? There's something about sitting and faces that could spiral down very quickly!