Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Repossessing my House, Part Duh

I am desperately trying to create an environment in my home that makes me happy.  I deserve that now, right?  Most of my existing furniture is either crap, or crap, or crappy crap.  I've made a few purchases in recent months.  I'm quite happy with them.  So happy, in fact, that no one is allowed to see them.  Here is the custom ottoman that I had made to matchy match with my kitchen valence.

Here is how it exists almost every minute of every day in my house.

It's quite funny...I not only paid for the custom ottoman, but then I spent another $50 on the coordinating blanket that covers the ottoman to keep it safe.  Because if I'm going to have a nice inanimate object, I need to protect it from harm, right?  (See little Pussy Willow Sanchez lurking under the ottoman, waiting to rub her feline cooties all over it?  Bad kitty!)

Today I just got my new chairs that I ordered back in November.  What?  Is that a typo you say?  No, I'm serious, it was November.  Obviously, they were carved by hand and upholstered with silk from worms raised in the home of royalty in a remote region of China.  Yep, I'm just that particular.  (not)

Here is the room before the chairs came in.  Please note that I have every possible cat toy in the space, including the Pet Emory (that doesn't work), which I bought off the TV in a moment of weakness (or drunkenness or PMSenness).  My view out the window rocks, doesn't it?  

Here are my new chairs.  It's hard to appreciate the silk worm-detail and intricate carving work on the legs.  Oddly, they are covered in dust, which may suggest that they were lost in a warehouse for a period of time, but I'm choosing not to accept that explanation.  And yes, I'm already looking for a coordinating blanket to protect them...a "blankphylactic" if you will.  

Do any of you have anything like this in your house?  A coffee table with legs wrapped in paper towels and then covered in painter's tape?  I do!

I just saw this in House Beautiful or Domicile or one of those fancy schmancy magazines, it's just THAT COOL.  It has nothing to do with the fact that this table is made of steel and slices SHE toes like a Cutco knife slices tomatoes.  But seriously, why this is in my house, I do not know.  But I just ordered a replacement and a coordinating blankphylactic...stay tuned.  


  1. Your house is well decorated. We HE's call that PTCF - or - Post Toddler Crappy Furniture. What's the point of wonderful furniture with kids? Seriously? And you have cats too? Your house should be adorned similarly to a double-wide. This way, you wouldn't be upset by disrepair and you could save the blanket cover $ for Night Train...

  2. LOVE them, the legs on them are to DIE for!!!!!


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