Monday, May 24, 2010


A SHE just told me the word, "inflatables", conjures up images that are X-rated in nature.  But for me, "inflatables" just means T and in Totally Awesome!  

Inflatables come in pretty much every shape you can possibly imagine.  I had 3 inflatables in my yard this weekend for a kid's birthday party....I mean, a kid's totally awesome tiki party!!!  Here was the crowd pleaser....a giant jumpy jumper that not only entertains for hours, but magically results in an early bedtime for the less-than-10-yrs set.

This was also effective for causing early-onset-fatigue and uncontrollable fits of laughter:

And what can I say about this?!?  This was my most favorite of all!  Look at the clean lines and simplicity of it all.  It's really quite a masterpiece.  Its hard to see, but it includes 3 built-in coconuts...making it much more realistic than other inflatable palm trees.  (Note the $3.99 slip-n-slide with a lame-O inflatable ring at the end...thumbs down...note to self: spend at least $5.00 on the next one).  

How awesome is this inflatable?  That would have totally made the party.  I am a bad mom for missing this.  I'm buying it for my living room to stand next to the coffee table with the blue tape and paper towels on the legs.  I'm classy.  


  1. HE likey the inflatables too!! Amongst the better purchases I have made for my family was an electric pump for just such an occasion! I hope you had one... I don't really camp, so the only time it gets a workout is kids parties or for the two or three inflatable pools we go through each summer.

  2. I think the coconut tree deserves a spot next to your new chair in the corner.