Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Nutritionista: Organic Produce Home Delivery Rocks

I am not lazy.  Just want to be clear on that.  I don't expect everything I need in life to be delivered to my door.  Although now that I think about it, is there anything that can't be delivered to your door these days? I can come up with nothing..although there is probably something and I bet it originates from the government or the public schools.  But I digress...

There are hundreds of reasons to eat healthy, but really only 2 major barriers to doing so: 1) cost 2) convenience.  It's going to be difficult to affect cost because organically-produced foods cost more money (although there are creative ways to achieving an overall healthy diet that is financially feasible for all).  And improving convenience is always a double-edged sword because often, convenience and health are inversely related.  For example, cutting up produce and packaging it in smaller containers affects the nutrient value. This is a suckie reality of fruits/vegetables.  

One way to improve convenience is through home delivery (because of busyness, not laziness, although could be both).  It is more expensive, true, but if you value healthy food and the whole concept of small, local farmers, it is likely worth the few extra bucks to have it magically appear in your kitchen within hours of harvest from the farm.   

One day last week, when I was staring out of my home-office window (aka, window-to-the-world), I saw a truck covered in vegetables drive down my street.  One google later, this SHE was signed up to have my first home delivery from Irv and Shelly's Fresh Picks.  

I ordered a soup kit, which had everything to make a gigantic pot of kale and bean soup.  There was a lot of cutting and some crying (I think it was the onions but could have been an emotional outburst after sniffing the kale), but it was worth it.  I even filled up my compost bin (behind the pot) with lots of "parts".   I just ordered another load for delivery this soup this time, but all veggies. I've eaten enough soup for the rest of time. 

If I could just make one suggestion to Irv and Shelley is would be this: wine pairings.  And since I have been eating it for almost every meal since last Friday, I can tell you that kale and bean soup goes well with red or white.  And you're welcome.  

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  1. Just as a follow up, I received my box of yummies at 8:30 last night from Irv and Shelly. I'm now hooked. Not sure what I'm going to do with all of this stuff, but the smell of the fresh-picked lettuce was all it took. I feel healthier by just having it in my house.