Thursday, April 29, 2010

Running Groups Rock and Don't Stick a Dirty Tissue in your Sports Bra

A little haiku I just wrote:

Running in the Spring
is tulips, magnolias,
sweating, burning, bliss

Okay, I won't quit my day job.  The fact that I even remember what a haiku is should be commended.  But anyway, let's talk about running.  I started running 4 years ago for three primary reasons:
  1. Minute per minute, it burns more calories than pretty much any other activity (for most people, it's ~100 calories burned per mile).  Check out this cool tool to calculate calories burned during running. 
  2. You can leave from your door step and get a decent workout in less than 30 min.
  3. All you really need is a decent pair of shoes (but I LOVE workout clothes and cannot seem to get enough of them).
Now running is not for everyone, and I get that.  It wasn't for me for most of my life.  And I know a lot of you probably prefer to run alone for any number of reasons.  But I LOVE my running group and want everyone else on the planet to run with a group too!  Why???  

First, most running groups are led by a certified running coach.  These folks can not only lead a workout, but they can actually correct your form so that you are less likely to get injured and less likely to look like a flailing lunatic out their pounding the pavement.  Second, you get to meet all of these fantastic people that also run.  (This is actually my favorite reason.)  Third, you will likely become a faster and/or more efficient runner, which makes running more pleasurable.  Again, these coaches know what they are doing.  Check out my running coach and you will see why just being around her makes people better runners.  That's her in the picture, front and left in the blue.  She is a total rock star!  Check out this article she just wrote on how women need to exercise at least 60 min a day to merely maintain their body weight as they get older.  Yikes!

Now on to the story about tissue.  You probably cannot see it in the picture above, but I am running in the back of that pack with a dirty, used tissue sticking out of my running top (maroon top, visor on).  In my defense, it was allergy season.  That said, I knew they were taking this picture for a local magazine (a fancy schmancy magazine) and yet, I wasn't smart enough to move the tissue.  In the pretty glossy that appeared in the magazine, it looks very suspicious.  Luckily, the latest running clothes all come with small pockets and I was happy to add a few of these to my collection.  (As if I even needed an excuse!) 

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  1. The most interesting thing about the tool is it allows you to check out how speed impact calories burned. The reality is (isn't it?) that if want to burn more calories - you have to PUSH yourself and sweat more, etc. Jogging slowly is better than walking, which is better than remote control gymnastics, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off - pump up the intensity at least 1x or 2x / week!! (caveat: I'm not a doc, but an avid runner...)