Friday, April 23, 2010

A Kitten (almost) Named Botox

I have no shame in admitting the following: 1) I like cats and 2) I'm intrigued by Botox.  They are actually really similar if you think about it.  They both make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, they are both expensive, and they both seem to fill a void as you get older.  

In January, my long-time feline companion died just short of 16 years of age.  Not only was she my work-at-home lap blanket, but she was there to kick off the beginning of my adulthood, pre-dating my husband and 3 children and all of the "life" in between.  

I did not believe in the concept of a mid-life crisis until I lost that cat and then subsequently, my mind.  Yes, I have a dog and she's fabulous, almost like my soul mate.  We have so much in common, including long walks outside, despising inclement weather, and going to the bathroom in the house.  But I felt like I was deserving of a new cat.  And not just any cat, but the kind of cat you see in James Bond movies...a Fancy Feast-type of cat.  These cats do not come cheap (and mind you, I have never paid a cent for any of my cats...they were the free kind...the ones that desperately need homes...the ones that are in need of insane cat-loving people like me).

Botox is also not cheap.  According to my research, it's about $250/syringe and if you're lucky, you only need one syringe.  The thing is, it only lasts for 3-4 months.  So I was faced with a I invest in a new kitty that could make me happy for 16+ years or do I opt for the Botox that could make me happy for such a short time.  It was a tough decision!

In the end, a half bottle of wine made the decision for me.  I happened to be at my computer, looking up breeders one night and in a half second, I had pay-pal'ed my way to our new addition, Pussy Willow Sanchez (named by my husband/kids).  In her own way, she has taken years off my face (but added them to my legs...those claws hurt!).  What she lacks in brains, she makes up for in beauty.  And if anyone in the movie industry is reading this, I would gladly exchange her appearance fee for 2 syringes of Botox.  


  1. Now that's funny stuff - Pussy Willow Sanchez? Seriously...

  2. Not only is Willow quite chic and fancy but she's a hardy survivor too.