Monday, April 5, 2010

The Decade of She is born

It was Deb's 39th birthday. She hosted a party of her close friends. It was in front of these witnesses that she declared her 39th year of life, The Year of Deb. It was to be year where she picked up where she left off years earlier, before getting married and having kids. Where she started to think about what she could do for herself versus her family. Where she set goals to try new activities, read more books, cook something other than another pasta dish for her 4 kids. This concept of taking back control over one's life lit a fire in my belly. What goals did I set aside when I started my family? What goals do I want to accomplish between now and my own forever? How do I live life to the fullest, knowing that life is so unpredictable? A year is too short. I want a decade. I'm getting back behind the driver's seat (of course, it's still in a minivan) and mapping out my future. I hereby declare it, The Decade of She. For the first time in a long while, it's all about "she".

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