Thursday, January 6, 2011

Subject #2 in Mrs/Dr. T's Detox Experiment

We are counting down the days until we start our big detox experiment.  I just carefully read the kit's instructions....there are two protein shakes a day, one David's Detox Shot, and then a plain green salad with skinless grilled chicken or fish.  I assume those protein shakes are about 64 ounces (I wish).  I just noticed that the following are off-limits for 5-days: bread, starchy carbs, dairy, alcohol, coffee, extra sweets, and fruits.  I get most of this stuff, but coffee?  Really?  

Here is a bit of info about Subject #2, Veronica Mexico:

Age: 39 + 3 birthdays
Body Mass Index: 23.0 (18.5-25 is normal body weight)
Favorite TV shows:  Southland, Nurse Jackie, Californication, Dexter, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Minute to Win it, Americas Funniest Home Videos, Damages 

Veronica Mexico is potty-mouthed, drug-pushing mother of two who recently retired from exotic dancing (just kidding).  When she is not working as a pharmaceutical sales manager, this Capricorn is squeezing in 6-7 days a week of exercise of all flavors: tennis, pilates, spinning, running, elliptical, and weight training.  Her hobbies include ping pong, TV watching, Wii dancing, and being's top customer, ordering everything you can imagine off the internet.  The more I write about her, the more I don't like her...she's smart, beautiful, and manages to do all of this stuff with flawless grace, humor and a cheery disposition (although I can't wait to see her after a few days without coffee). 

She is generally healthy, outside of going through early menopause, and hopes that the 5-day detox will help kick start her goal of a 5-7 pound weight loss.  It would also be great if the detox could disrupt the time-space continuum granting her a few more hours in her day...apparently to watch TV.  :o)

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