Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Women Take Vitamins Than Men...and on Detoxing...

A new study is about to be released on supplement use.  I'm a bit surprised.  According to the new study, only half of Americans take a supplement.  Not sure why I find this surprising, but I do.  I would think it was much higher.

If you look at men versus women, only 44% of men compared to 53% of women take supplements.  Regardless of sex, multivitamin/multimineral supplements are the most popular.  About 20% of adults use a supplement that contains at least one herbal/botanical ingredient.   

Several years ago, the National Institute of Health established the Office of Dietary Supplements.  If you're ever looking for information on supplements, it's a great place to visit.  Some supplements can be harmful at high doses, some can interact with medications, and some may be contraindicated in people with certain conditions....so always do some homework before you put anything in your mouth.  

And I wish it weren't so, but alas, no supplement is going to make up for a bad diet.  It doesn't matter what 20/20 or Dateline or any of those shows report, you cannot eat crap all day and take a resveratrol and think that you're going to live longer. 

On detoxing...

It's been just over one day of the big detoxing experiment.  All of my subjects successfully made it through the first day.  Some were a little hungry and weak at times, but everyone is still committed to the process.  Several people lost a few pounds in one day (water weight or just less contents in the colon).  Only 4 more days to go!