Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Subject #1 for Mrs/Dr T's Detox Experiment

Yesterday I blogged about how I was awaiting the arrival of my David Kirsch 5-Day Detox kit.  It arrived about 4 hours after my post...or exactly 5 days after I ordered it (note that Jan 1 was part of those 5 days).  A representative from the company e-mailed me and contacted me via the comments section of the blog post to confirm it's arrival.  Let's just say that I'm impressed.  In a day and age when good customer service usually means a person versus computer fields a phone call, it is certainly refreshing to see a company proactively reach out to customers.  Thank you to the David Kirsch company!  

Besides myself, I have two SHE friends that have volunteered to take the 5-Day Detox journey with me.  Their kits arrived today...exactly 5 days after they ordered them.  We are going to officially start the program next week...because Thursday just doesn't feel like the right day to start a detox.  And because one of them is hosting a sleepover for her 9 yr old's birthday on Friday night, and if that doesn't call for a glass of wine and chocolate cake, I don't know what does.  

In my day job, I consistently watch people respond differently to diet and exercise changes.  So, I thought it might be fun to chronicle the experiences of 3 different individuals following this 5-day detox program.  

Here is a brief description of Subject #1, aka Colon Queen:

Age: 43 yr
Body Mass Index: 20.6 (18.5-25 is considered normal body weight) 
Favorite TV show: Modern Family

Ms. Queen is a 43 year old, ovary-free*, very stylish Forever XXI-shopping female under the sign of Taurus.  Because of the age of her 3 children, her home is a 2-story, center-entry petri dish, always harboring the virus-du-jour.  She exercises regularly (3x/week) and is healthy outside of the familial colds and respiratory illnesses.  Her hobbies are housework and child/husband maintenance (I will try to change this) and she is hoping the cleanse will make her generally feel better and perhaps, help her drop those 5 pounds that have lingered since her last pregnancy.  

What's going to be interesting with Ms. Queen is that she may have an allergy to grapes and one of the ingredients in the David Kirsch 5-Day Detox is grape extract.   

She will take good notes during her detox and keep us posted of her progress.

Stay tuned for Subjects #2 and 3...

*I was present during the ovary removal and think I'm pretty good at being "that" friend.  I've since started a side business, in case anyone else needs a SHE friend to be present during similar procedures.  Here's my slogan:  Ovaries on out, day or night, give a shout.  Want to hire me?   :) 

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  1. I'm keeping my ovaries, thank you but am really looking forward to hearing all the gritty deets on the detox. I'm almost jealous. Almost.