Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Control Subject....and Preparation for 5-Day Detox

Monday morning is Day 1 of the Detox for me, two eager volunteers (subjects #1 and 2), and now, a control subject.  She read my post and was interested in trying the Detox, sans the David Kirsch products.  She will follow the other instructions, avoiding a number of foods (coffee, dairy, bread, starchy carbs, alcohol), drinking protein shakes, and having salad and a protein (chicken or fish) for lunch and/or dinner.  Hopefully, my sister and mom will try the same thing for the sake of (faux) science.    

For those of us with the David Kirsch products, it will be a detox shot first thing in the morning, followed by a protein shake.  Instead of using David's shakes, I'm using Myoplex.  I like it and it's easily accessible at amazon (with free shipping).  I've compared the nutrition and it's very similar.  At lunch, it's a salad and chicken or fish, followed by something called David Kirsch's Thermobubbles. Dinner is either a protein shake or another salad.  After 5-days of this regimen, there is a bottle of supplements to use while slowly transitioning back to a regular diet.  More on that when the time comes...

Here is the scoop on my control subject, alias Nena (BTW...all of my subjects chose their own names):

Age: 40-ish
Body Mass Index: 20.0 (18.5-25 is normal body weight)
Favorite TV shows:  Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters, Glee, American Idol 
When she's not singing 99 Luft Balloons at a neighborhood party, she is an effervescent 40-something year old that balances her 3 kids with working part time.  She is amazingly flexible, like circus cirque du soleil flexible...and therefore makes everyone look bad at pilates.  She also weight trains and is a "basement exerciser."  Unlike many of her friends, she only imbibes in the cocktail at the occasional party, preferring to consume most of her calories from meat.  She likes salad and sushi, but secretly wishes that they were meat.  She's also quite the dancer! 
Nena is no stranger to detoxing.  She has done the BluePrint Cleanse several times before and usually loses 2-4 pounds in the process.  She is hoping for the same result from being the "control" subject in this little experiment, but also hopes to just feel lighter.  
Stay tuned for updates of everyone's progress!  I'm nervous, excited, and intrigued, at the same time!


  1. Yes, we are both going to try it!

  2. I am too. Not even kidding. I really need to do this.