Monday, December 20, 2010

On Becoming Mrs. Heatmeiser

I was inspired to start this blog because of my friend, Debra.  On her 39th birthday, she declared it would be the "Year of Deb".  Her declaration was a commitment to herself, a means to remove the imaginary barrier that was keeping her from accomplishing several life goals she set to achieve by her 40th birthday.  

Saturday was my 39th birthday.  And like Debra, I saw this birthday as an important milestone in my life.  But unlike Deb, I did not set any future goals or reminisce on my past achievements.  Instead, I lit myself on fire.

I'm okay, everyone was okay, it's all okay, which is why I get to joke about it.

And because irony knows no boundaries in my life:

1. About a week ago,  I paid big bucks to go from being a blond to a brunette with new bangs (it was bangs or botox...I opted for bangs for now) and a new layered hair cut.
2. My hair caught fire at a friend's holiday party as I was blowing out my candles following a 60 person a cappella version of "Happy Birthday". 

You would think after 38 other birthdays that I would be well trained in the art of candle blowing.  And I am...quite good.  I just didn't expect the candles to re-ignite themselves after I blew them out the first time. Yes, I was actually fooled by trick candles.  Didn't see that coming.  But luckily, when 60 people are staring at you as you blow out candles and catch fire, lots of people jump in rather quickly to put you out.  

And they all assure me that my hair looks even better with shorter layers. 

So if the position of Mrs. Heatmeiser is still available, I'd like to apply.  I'm working on my song (to the tune of the Heatmesier song):

I'm Mrs. Heatmeiser, hair like the sun
Ignited by trick candles, the day my 39th year begun

They call me Heatmeiser, but its only fair
Since my hair lights up like a flare
Noxious gas in the air....

It's a work in progress....

Mrs/Dr T is not that I am against the emoticon, I just don't know how to use them properly except for this one  :)
I was also recently introduced to this one (o)(o) which is either in support of breast cancer awareness or just dirty...depending on who's using it.  :-)


  1. And this moment is why Youtube is such a wonderful website. No video??? Darn!

  2. Oh no!!! Happy belated birthday.