Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breakthrough Science: Sleep Deprivation Makes You Ugly

Shocking new research out of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden.  Participants were asked to rank pictures of people that had 8 hours of sleep versus people that had been awake for 31 hours.  In what is sure to stun the entire scientific community and world at large, people that had been awake for 31 hours were rated as less healthy looking, more tired, and less attractive than those who slept.  

Can you believe this?  Thank goodness this research has been conducted.  Here I thought I actually looked good when I stayed up all night.   

But maybe you should be the judge? Here's what I looked like the other day after I stayed up all night watching the E! channel:

Here's what I look like today after sleeping all night:

What do you think?

[If I used emoticons, I'd have one winking right here]


  1. So that explains it! That's it. Anyone want to adopt a two year old? ;)

  2. And here I thought you had hijacked a picture of me after burning the midnight oil a weeeeeee bit too long last night. Whew. And duh...OF COURSE it makes us ugly. I feel ugly. Blech.

    p.s. - You don't believe in emoticons?

  3. ...AND, it's not just that we're ugly on the outside. Did they include that in this life-altering research? Ask my kids what they think of me after a night of 3 or 4 hours of sleep - I'm not pretty inside or out.

  4. lmaooo at those pics this is 1,000% life is a social experiment because the vast difference in the way people treat me when i'm sleep deprived aka always (i usually don't get mean and crabby until i am EXHAUSTED) and when i'm well rested is sickening. People suck!

  5. same anon as above.
    i just wanted to spell it out that people are very dismissive, rude, mean when i'm sleep deprived and my face is off and the same ones stare and smile and are very cordial when i'm well rested. I look like two different people but..I'm still the same person....still a HUMAN BEING in each circumstance. It does hurt sometimes and I make a very conscious effort to be extra nice to people who society deems unattractive because I can guess what they deal with all day.