Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Cleanse Naysayer

Noun1.naysayer - someone with an aggressively negative attitude

Yep, I am a "cleanse naysayer".  I think the whole concept of cleansing and detoxing and fasting for improved health is dumb.  Physiologically, it makes no sense.  There's no reason why detoxing for several days is going to release all these built up toxins in the body.  And there isn't a reputable physician or nutrition scientist out there that thinks it's essential for optimal health.  Personally, I think it's smoke and mirrors.  

So why did I just spend $100 on the David Kirsch 5-Day Detox???  

Because I want to be a credible naysayer; one with direct experience in detoxing.  I've never done a cleanse and I should at least try it once in my lifetime.  And January is always a good time for starting something new, right? 

Why the David Kirsch detox plan???

Because damn, detoxing is expensive!  I looked into several options and just couldn't swallow the exorbitant costs involved...some are close to $300 for 2-3 days!  Seriously, people pay $300 for juice?   I can't believe I just paid $100!   And that was the most reasonably priced cleanse I could find. 

Plus, I figured that David Kirsch is a brand himself and its in his best interest to make sure his products are safe.  These other cleanse companies could be run out of someone's garage with a juicer and bag of vegetable scraps for all I know.  

So, starting next week, I'm officially in dietary detox.  If anyone is kicking off 2011 a similar way, please chime in with your plan and how its going.  Would love to share detox notes.  

Have a safe and healthy New Year's Eve!!!   


  1. Why not just drink only wine for 5 days - same grapes!!!!

  2. I would guess the whole concept of "detox" is a bit of a false sales pitch. Seems to make more sense that IF you actually have the discipline to follow these diets, you would feel better mostly from cleaning up the input - i.e. less garbage in makes you feel better (probably MUCH better depending on your diet). You must also flush out some "toxins", but what can you really turn around in 5 days?

  3. I want to hear about his. For reals. Mostly, I think I want to just make sure you're alive at the end of it all. Best wishes, my bloggy friend.