Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Naughty Betty Give-Away: Is Your Life Like a Cocktail Napkin?

When asked if I'm bilingual, I am quick to respond with the following:  "Why yes, I am fluent in English and Sarcasm."  And it's not just that I enjoy sarcasm (both giving and receiving...I'm that kind of gal)...what I really value and appreciate is humor.  After all, it's healthy!  People live longer, healthier lives with humor. 

And so, because I want to live a long and healthy life, I want 'funny'.  Pretty much all the time.  So when I stumbled upon this pack of cocktail napkins, I was thrilled!  I tied  them around a bottle of wine as part of a hostess gift to a friend in pharmaceutical sales.

She told me she was bringing them to work because she thought they were so funny.

And because the world is small and weird, it turns out that a SHE friend of mine (Roxy) is friends with the owner/creator of this brilliant cocktail napkin and many other fabulous and humorous products.  How great are these:
I think this is my new mantra
I think the mere mention of the word "colonoscopy" is funny..of course, I haven't had one yet.

This is a greeting card...this could be my mantra too. 
This is a melamine tray...beautiful and so true, so true

These products by Naughty Betty have been in my shopping cart since the company started in 2006, so I was eager to learn more about the SHE-owned company (dynamic duo, Courtney and Christine).  Here is what I found out:

Mrs/Dr. T: What inspired you to start Naughty Betty?

NB: We were working, having babies, raising our kids, and life was such a ride, we knew that a lot of women must be going through the same thing.  And there was a lot of comedy in everyday stuff.

Mrs/Dr. T: How do you come up with the ideas for your products?  
NB: We look at the types of things we would love to give and get, and take it from there. We also think there is a huge need out there for some funny hostess gifts! Anyone can bring wine, but we want to bring the funny.

Mrs/Dr T: What was the biggest hurdle to getting your business started?

NB: The mad mad juggle that every mom deals with. Switching gears a thousand times a day and still keeping a sense of humor.

So in the spirit of the holiday season, Naughty Betty has graciously offered to give away a travel mug to a The Decade of She reader.  If you comment on this blog post, I will randomly select one of you on Sunday to be the lucky winner!  Give it away, keep it for yourself...whatever! 

And if you're wondering where to buy these humorous, yet stylishly beautiful items, check out   There are so many great holiday cards, party goods and hostess gifts for these last crazy weeks of the holiday season!


  1. I am actually heading to right now to pick out some goods for my it! My favorite one is "I have NO intention of doing it all."

    Thanks Tia!
    Annie O'B

  2. Yoga Schmoga has been my unfortunate tagline of late. Hilarious! Lovelovelove.

  3. I have some of their stuff already: "living the minivan dream" and "all I want is world peace and a great pedicure" - I'm a fan!!