Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor, Poor, Spinach...Has to Resort to Label Claims

I'm rarely shocked by food, which makes the following two things kind of a big deal.  

First off, let me say that almost ALL processed foods take advantage of the FDA labeling laws and highlight certain nutritional aspects of their food.  Almost any food can do this, as evidenced by this:

Here is something that is more or less junk food, touting the fact that it has a few redeeming qualities...7 vitamins and minerals.  Big whoop.  The only reason those vitamins and minerals are there is because the base of a Poptart is enriched flour, which has added nutrients lost in the processing of whole wheat.  [For the record, I did not buy these Poptarts.  They were a gift.]

I'm used to seeing stuff like this.  Food companies are trying to make us feel good about crappy food.  I get it.  

Here is what I'm not used to seeing:

How sad is it that the De Jong Brothers have to do this???  Have we come to a point where people don't know that spinach is fat free and good for you?  Egads, I hope not!

On another note, here's something that shocked me.  Check out this vegetable that showed up in my organic produce delivery box this past Friday:

This is called romanesco.  It's kind of a mix between broccoli and cauliflower.  It was AWESOME!  I want more of these!  I want to grow these and eat them all the time!  Has anyone had this before?  Did you love it as much as me?  Isn't it sort of weird looking?  

I'm off to NYC tomorrow with my biggest...hoping to do a whole bunch of stuff that I've never done before!  


  1. We ate that growing up! SO good! My mom called it broccaflower :) enjoy NYC!

  2. I love your blog! So this romanesco got me wondering about other food combinations. carrot+beet=barrot or orange+lemon=ormon or cilantro+romaine=rotro. Just a few ideas for the farmers.
    Have fun in NYC!

  3. Loving the rotro! That sounds like it should taste good. If the farmers are up for it, would be great if they could merge garlic with a bunch of sparlic (spinach+garlic). :)

    Thanks for the comments Karen and Michelle!

  4. Broccoflower... love that stuff. I recently started working with a nutritionist who placed me on a 10-day "clean, green & lean" detox, meaning no dairy, wheat or processed foods, and lessening my dependence on starches, sugars and caffeine for energy. I broke up with my boyfriend and dealt with a pretty major professional letdown last month & have been stressed out, sleepless and completely tweaked ever since, but literally a week and a half of eating like an intelligent person has leveled me out to the point where I feel amazing, both physically and emotionally. Funny how the basics really do work if we just let them. :)

  5. I'm just going to have to live a healthy diet infused lifestyle vicariously, through you, T. I am too easily snookered by labels and packages. Up until this post, I had convinced myself that my recent Lean Pockets bender was a healthy trend. Hope you're whoopin' it up rock-star style in NYC. :)

  6. Amy...loving the "clean, green, and & lean" detox. That actually sounds like a healthy way to get on track! So many of those detox diets are just crap. And the fact that it worked for you is fabulous! about those lean pockets...I am going to do another post this week about processed versus whole food...just for you! Hope to bring you over to the other side! Love your posts at!