Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chronicles of NYC

This is not a blog about  my life.  If it were, it would be called something like or  My goal with this blog is to educate and inspire.  But several of you have asked me about my recent trip to NYC so I thought I would just take one post to highlight a few parts of the trip.  

The trip was a gift to my oldest daughter for her birthday.  We met a friend of the family there for a long weekend.  If I could summarize the trip in one word, it would be "connections".  Here are the highlights:

Unlike me, our family friend has other friends in high places.  We stayed in her friend's penthouse in mid-town east with this view from the balcony.  [Note to self...find some well-connected friends]

We saw the tree go up in Rockefeller Center (see that tiny, tiny man on the platform?  That is one big tree!)

If you look carefully, you will see a chihuahua on that van.  I just thought that was funny.  I've seen those little dogs in lots of places (purses, fanny packs, strollers, cleavage), but never on top of a utility van. 

Someone told me this was culturally significant in some way???  Something about sisters and Bruce Jenner???  OK fine, I watch it!  I admit that I watch the E! channel.   And I like it.  And if you're looking for stretch pants with holes in the knees that cost $295, you can get them here.  And you're welcome.

Again, because my friend has "connections", we got to go back stage after The Lion King and see all the cool costumes and scenery.  This is James Brown Orleans, the lead hyena.  He was gracious, passionate, and informative.  I love this guy!

Here's "my biggest" on the stage...thinking this is all normal to be walking around the stage of a Broadway show.  I'm thinking, "It's all downhill from here, honey" and "I'm the coolest mom ever".  

Here are the guitars that we played in James' dressing room til' 1 am.  What's that you're thinking?  Did I allow my 11-yr old to play guitars in the dressing room of a Broadway hyena until 1 am?  Yes.  Again, I should be blogging over at  

Look at all the people in Times Square at 1 am!   

I ate a chicken gyro sandwich made by a man in a truck while sitting across the street from the new construction at Ground Zero.  It was sad and inspiring all at the same time.  Still hard to believe that happened.  

And then the finale of my trip, a drag queen wedding.  It was depressing that this man looked better in a dress than I ever have/will.  Best wishes for a happy life together Frostie Flake and Honey!

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