Monday, November 29, 2010

I Think I May be a Korean Supermarket

I've never felt more connected to a grocery store than when walking around in H-Mart this past weekend, a Korean market with locations across the United States.  If you haven't been to H-Mart, I highly recommend it.  Here are the highlights:

Eggplants...lots and lots of them
Fuzzy squash...I don't like hairs on/in my food, I'm just sayin'

This is fresh ginseng...a purported aphrodisiac

There were roughly 20 different types of tofu...a serious amount of bean curd

Those are giant aloe vera leaves (which I would turn into tequilla)

If only I were braver, I would have bought these giant roots to eat...based on the shape, I bet these are considered aphrodisiacs too 

Fishies in a bag...I wouldn't eat these, but I love that someone does

I'm always amazed at things people will eat...these don't even look edible to me

Manhood tea...hilarious

Ah, Female Joy...makes you happy to have a uterus

Horny goat the gardening world, this is called epimedium.  It's a lovely shade-tolerant plant.  There are about 60 different varieties out there.  As the legend goes, a Chinese farmer noticed that his male goats became particular  interested in the female goats after grazing on a patch of epimedium.  Next thing you know, horny goat weed was part of Chinese traditional medicine for stimulating "manhood".  

It has been shown to produce Viagra-like effects in animals (although it's funny to think about how this is tested).  I'm not sure if it's been tested clinically in humans yet and no, I'm not volunteering to run a such a study.  :)


  1. I LOVE H MART!!! You neglected to mention that not only is the fruit and veggie assortment amazing, the prices are really low. If you have one near you, check it out. Our kids love it too, like a little adventure to something unique. They also have dirt cheap lobster and other live critters to cook if you're into that.

  2. YES, YES, YES! We went there specifically because the liver lobsters were half the price of our local fish market. Not sure how they can sell them so cheap, but they do!