Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sights and Sounds of Running...or...Really Weird Things Seen by Runners

The Chicago Marathon is around the corner.  If you're from the Chicago-area, it's kind of a big deal.  Only a few more weeks until the 10-10-10 race!

There are so many positives with training for and running the marathon...or any running for that matter.  Cardiovascular health, runner's high, mental toughness...but what is really underrated is the entertainment value that comes from spending 3 to 12 hours a week running around your neighborhood.

So in honor of all runners, those doing the marathon and those that pound the pavement for other reasons, I'd like to start a discussion over the strange and unusual sights and sounds you've experienced while running.  I will kick it off and feel free to add:

  • Way too many people working at their laptops near a window without their shirts and women.  Seriously, I can see you!
  • Old man's private parts that had either slipped out of the lining of his short, shorts or were purposely placed outside the shorts (whoops, threw up in my mouth).
  • Road rage!  There are a lot of angry people (almost all men) driving around town yelling out their windows or physically getting out of their cars to yell at other drivers.  These people should take up running...or take a Prozac.
  • Young woman last summer running with a disc-man....unless you're over the age of 35, you probably don't even know what this is...but imagine running with your laptop.  I almost chased her down to ask her why.     
  • Last year, while training for the marathon, I was running along and a chipmunk ran right under the foot as I was coming down....and I snapped it in half!  It was so loud, that I could hear it over my blaring music.  And the feeling that moved up my leg still gives me the heebie jeebies!  YUCK! 
Alright runners....what say you?

And best of luck to those marathon runners! 


  1. looks like we have both experienced seeing the private parts hanging out... eek... and its never a hot guy

  2. My favorite is before a big race like the Chicago Marathon where men and women simply start relieving themselves pretty much wherever...All modesty out the window.

    Not sure I've ever seen anything in people's houses while running, but my office does have a view into some hotel rooms, and that's a treat.

  3. This almost makes me thankful that an unfortunate (indoor) ice skating incident this summer brought an abrupt halt to my running career. A chipmunk? For real? Ew. By the way...I gave you a blogging award this morning...hope it's ok that I linked up to you in my most recent post. :)