Friday, September 3, 2010

New Hobbie for Fall: Spray Painting the Heck Out of Everything

I have recently ended my 3 month relationship with vodka and am now hot and heavy with spray paint.  

With two $7 cans of spray paint, I have not only decorated two pieces for my home, but I think I also came up with a deterrent for those irritating Japanese beetles that ravish my garden.  

Traditional use for spray paint:

$9.99 at Homegoods

Repainted in white so it matches my stuff

I bought two of these for $7.99 a piece at Homegoods

A little turquoise paint and voila, protectors of my little froggy, Lucky

Alternative use for spray paint:

As I was spraying these items outside, I decided to run a small experiment for kicks...because I'm a Dr. Dork.  I sprayed a few of the Japanese beetles living on my rose bush.  Not only did they look pretty in turquoise, but they quickly died.  And then there were no more Japanese beetles there.  So I repeated the experiment on my morning glory.  

This is what these little bugs do to the plants.

I sprayed a few bugs and a few leaves

Aren't these beautiful?  I planted them years ago and they come back every without bugs all over them!

It actually makes sense how this might have worked.  These beetles communicate to each other when one finds food.  So as soon as you get one beetle, they call their friends to join the party.  I figure either the abhorrent smell of the spray paint or killing a few beetles so they cannot call their friends, or both, is what stopped the beetle madness.  

I would NEVER use spray paint around any fruits and vegetables in the garden.  I tried this because I only have flowers in my garden...and I can't help myself.  These leaves won't be good good candidates for my composter and there's a chance the smell of the paint will deter some beneficial bugs, but perhaps I'm on to something?  If they come back, I'm going to try vegetable oil or a flour/water mixture.  

I don't know what to spray paint next but with a 3-day weekend, I'm sure I can find something!