Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Coffee Table Dilemma Solved by The Glam Lamb

I am an avid reader of other people's personal blogs.  I love that there's a "person" on the other end, not a corporation, or journalist, or other biased party.  And this "person" is usually so passionate about a topic, that they take time out of their day to write about their passion to educate, empower, or inspire others.  And in the case of The Glam Lamb, to decorate my living room. 

I bought this coffee table after I saw it featured on The Glam Lamb.  

It's lovely and I'm happy with it.  But I've been struggling on what to use as end tables to go with this table.  I've found some that I like, but they are a little out of my price range.
$495 + $125 for shipping...seriously?

How about this one...I like the style even more and the price even less!
Egads, $650 + $75 for shipping!

So I decided to send a little note to Hallie, The Glam Lamb herself.  She immediately replied, accepted my challenge, and posted so many options for me on her blog today.

Now, which one should I choose???


  1. Depends on size and lamps you are using. I think 3 is neat but wouldn't go with your things. I also like #6..prices?

  2. The prices and links to purchase the tables are all on The Glam Lamb site. All reasonably priced, I think

  3. I'd look for a #10...