Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celebrate the Little Things

Sometimes, bad things happen.  Parents get old and sick, friends lose their jobs or homes, and weird, freaky $hi+ happens that's scary and depressing.  Over time, this collection of bad experiences can be a real downer....unless we shift the balance by creating positive experiences.  

Case in point....Manicures and Martinis.  It wasn't a "big" birthday, but why does it need to be?  It was a great excuse to connect with other women.  Research consistently shows that social interaction makes people live healthier and longer lives.  I'm not entirely sure why, but I think it has to do with the brain chemicals and hormones that are released when you're having a good time doing good things to your blood pressure and such.   

Even more sweet, the birthday girl is a breast cancer survivor, making every birthday pretty special.    

On another note, Halloween is a great opportunity to showcase one of my home's best features:

I kid you not, it's a real headstone.  It was here when we moved in and despite several attempts, it cannot be moved.  In fact, it won't even budge.  I've taken this as a sign that it belongs with the house and does not wish to be disturbed.  The story from the previous owner is that it's an extra civil war marker for a great, great uncle, but it's difficult to tell since it's so worn.  Spooky, eh?

Happy Halloween everyone!!!     

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