Thursday, October 21, 2010

The 7 Habits of Highly Fit (or Sort of Fit) People

A very fabulous friend of mine wrote an article titled, "7 Secrets of Super Fit Women".  I think it is very accurate in describing this group of super-SHEs that look amazing and radiate an aura of health.  I honestly am in awe of these women and find them truly inspirational.  And for the record, I am not one of them.  I scored 3 out of 7, making me "sort of" fit.  

But I still feel pretty healthy.  

So I've decided to start a list of the "Habits of the Sort of Fit".  This may not be very aspirational, but sometimes we just need to pat ourselves on the back for at least trying.

1. They subscribe to Shape, Women's Health, or Fitness magazine (although they might not actually read every issue).

2. They exercise inconsistently at best, but are always wearing active sportswear or workout gear around town.  

3. They eat licorice for dinner only once or twice a month.

4. Forget beer or schnaaps, they drink only wine (no more than 1 glass a night) because they know that it's healthier and much more glamorous.  

5. They buy organic (when it's not 3 times as expensive as the conventional stuff).

6. They bike versus driving as much as possible (particularly when there's no parking at the destination they are going to or if overindulging on habit #4).  

7. They routinely relieve the stress of life through socializing (often involving numbers 2, 3, 4, and 6 above).

Anything else I've forgotten?


  1. Good list! Here's my list for sort-of-fit middle-aged HE's:

    (1) They play old man's sports leagues (and try not to get in fights)
    (2) They walk to lunch when it's less than 3 blocks
    (3) They drink light beer
    (4) They sometimes drink the clear hard alcohols (gin, vodka, etc.) which have no carbs
    (5) They try to engage in you-know-what as often as possible - for fitness reasons of course
    (6) They watch TV or surf the Internet with their feet up to promote and ease circulation
    (7) Bacon (no carbs!)

  2. Love this post! Great list.