Friday, April 22, 2011

Check Out This Magazine

When anyone mentions the name "Martha Stewart", I immediately have feelings of inadequacy.  The way she effortlessly frosts a ridiculously beautiful cake while fashioning some doily out of crystallized sugar, all the while her  dogs are all perfect and not crapping on her carpet.  Not my life.  

But I just discovered Whole Living. It's been around in some capacity since 1974, when it was called New Age Journal.  Then it was rebranded as Body+Soul in 2002 and acquired by Martha's media company in 2004.  A year ago, the name was changed to Whole Living. 

Don't let the former name, New Age Journal, scare you.  There is nothing new age about this mag.  It's a combination of fitness, health, beauty and green living.  The recipes are easy to follow with pretty pictures (and nutrition information).  Plus, the website has a bunch of good stuff.  Really, it's the closest I've ever felt (and ever will) to Martha Stewart.  

Here's the best can actually leave the magazine out in the open!  I have to cancel my Women's Health  because I don't think my 3 pre-teen daughters need to know "26 New Tips to Drive Your Man Wild".

Any other magazines out there that folks recommend?   

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